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About Us

Corporate Governance Australia [CGA] is an independent team of high-level corporate governance specialists.

We work directly with Boards, Chairpersons, and Chief Executives on best practice issues to satisfy key stakeholder concerns.

We also help address, manage and provide appropriate responses to media, annual general meetings (AGMs), shareholders and regulatory groups.

Through advising on and verifying a company’s commitment to best practice corporate governance, CGA assists company directors to effectively demonstrate that they have fulfilled and satisfied their professional duties as directors.

The benefits of partnering with CGA

Our strategic insight, market knowledge and extensive cross-industry expertise ensures we are at the forefront of corporate governance.

Our focus, commitment and knowledge means we will put you ahead of requirements.

Our team of specialists will:

  • Identify where you are in relation to best practice
  • Assist you in moving towards best practice
  • Help you find an appropriate balance between commercial imperatives and idealistic management models.

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