Corporate Governance Australia
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Our Areas of Expertise

Continuous disclosure
Working with companies on a continual basis means we are qualified to provide an independent perspective on appropriate measures of disclosure and ongoing communication.

Board formation
Working alongside Chairpersons, we review the current Board Structure in the context of best practice. This is particularly important where companies have financing sourced overseas or major customers based abroad.

Remuneration structures
We provide guidance on the performance component of remuneration packages. This includes benchmarking performance components against peer group companies and developing outcome scenarios for Board review.

Calculation and disclosure
We provide comprehensive, current advice and valuations on options, share packages and other benefits.

Committee management
We assist in the establishment and management of Board committees.

Auditor relationships
We analyse and advise on audit relationships, looking not only between the company and auditors, but also investigating how different layers of management affect audit performance.

Shareholder equality
We address, examine and assist in the management of perceived issues between different classes of shareholders.

Regulatory issues and filings
We have a thorough understanding of the expectations and compliance measures required by the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) and other groups.

Communication strategies
We advise on, and keep boards current with disclosure, stakeholder communication and appropriate ways to address media issues.

Stakeholder issues
We advise on company responsibilities, both in Australia and overseas, to suppliers, customers, employees and the environment.